DREW DIGGA “It’s Complicated”


It’s not often we get themed songs from indie artists. Most of the time it’s just another song mimicking a song that’s popular hoping people will find it familiar and just roll with it. But this new release by DREW DIGGA titled “It’s Complicated” is not the average cut.

To sum it up, most of us have met someone online we wanted to have a “personal” encouter with. “It’s Complicated” takes a look at these real world hook ups with the title inspired by the now infamous Facebook”relationship status” option.

The production is different, with BLIZM (aka The Prodikulson) pulling out melodic strings and baselines to match with a futuristic vibe. Mixing it up even more by featurinng R&B artist LYRIQAL MARIE, “It’s Complicated” is just in time for the end of summer and the begining of “cuffing season”.

This is earbud music for the masses. This is what really happens every single day on social media. Sometimes those inbox and DM messages can lead to complicated relationships. Take a listen!


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