Dizzi Boi x Lil Sleepy – Whole Body Move


This song “Whole Body Move” by Lil Sleepy x Dizzi Boi was made for just having fun for the non-dancers ans simple people and that was also Kids Friendly. We want people to just get out & move their bodies & have fun while doing it. We thnk that this song can be the Fitness & Health Anthem of the USA or even the World. The NFL has Play 60 & Michelle Obama has her fitness Programs. We wanted a song that was for the non-dancers but at the same time the song has a fast pace- high tempo beat that’s catchy & motivates a person to move. You can Work-out to this song,do the Salsa,Soul Train Line Dance,Step,Groove,,Listen to it while working on job, you can breakdance, routine dance, or just plain solo dance to this song or just do your own thang. The versatility of this song is so amazing, so just Make Your Body Move and you’re doing the dance.